Instant global payments

Mural makes it easy to manage instant payments and invoices for contractors and vendors worldwide.

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An all-in-one platform

Everything you need to manage your cashflow


Seamless payouts
and invoicing.

  • Initiate batch and multi-currency payouts
  • Recurring payouts to automate monthly payroll
  • Customizable approval flows
  • No transaction fees
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Mural payout approver screen
Mural payout recipient screen

Lightning-fast payments & invoicing

  • Pay hundreds of international employees at once with multi-currency & batch payments
  • Automate payroll with custom recurring payments
  • Customize your approval workflows for total control of your finances
  • Cut costs with near-zero transaction fees
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Recipient & transaction management

  • Automatically sync transactions across unlimited accounts
  • Label transactions and capture files with an intuitive system
  • Securely manage recipient details with end-to-end encryption and wallet address verification
Manage Transactions
Mural payment detail screen
Mural accounting integration with google sheets, zero, quickbooks

Hassle-free tax & accounting integrations

  • Integrate Mural with your existing tax and accounting stack
  • Autogenerate tax documents like 1099s
  • Stay compliant in a world of fast-changing financial regulations
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Your stablecoin
payments API

  • Embed Mural's API into your existing platforms for integrated global payments to any digital wallet
  • Recurring and batch payments, multi-currency transactions, & airtight security — all in one API
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