We build financial systems for the global economy of


Our Mission

Traditional ways of sending money across borders are slow, costly, and complicated. At Mural, we see a different future. We're building a new kind of financial system, one that's easy to use and accessible to everyone, including the 1.4 billion people without bank access. Our goal? To make moving money around the world as simple as sending an email.

Backed by prominent leaders in Fintech

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Our Team

Sinclair Toffa

Founder / CEO


Sinclair is Founder & CEO of Mural and is focused on building a world-class team and a pioneering enterprise. He was a former Technical Lead at Palantir, where he led Foundry deployment at Fortune 100 companies. He launched Make School NY with 80 students and sits on the board of coding school TamTam in Togo. He enjoys breath-work, salsa, and piano and runs solar power grids at his Burning Man camp, Future Horizon.

Chris Fernandes



Chris scopes software integrations and business processes to best fit the market. As a former Technical Lead and Lead Architect at Palantir, he drove tech stack modernization with major Fortune 100 CIOs and CTOs and built software across the supply chain, health care, retail, and logistics industries.

Arthur Kam

Chief Architect


Arthur oversees the technology and development of Mural. He's a former Project and Technical Lead at Palantir, where he implemented Foundry for UK's NHS. He is also a lawyer on the side having advised on matters related to M&A, corporate governance and privacy. He loves to cook and is obsessed about everything related to coffee.

Boyce Young

Founding Engineer


Boyce is a fullstack engineer who loves to help bring meaningful software products to life, frequently listens to Marconi Union or LCD Soundsystem while doing so, and experiments with improv comedy in his spare time.

Javier Cabello

Founding Engineer


Javier enjoys building for solving complex problems through coding. Aside from work, he explores local cuisines, attends concerts and collects Rubik's cubes.

Octavien Han

Founding Engineer


Octavien is a fullstack engineer who is passionate about developing impactful software and making deep connections with the world. Before joining Mural, he built an NFT lending protocol from the ground up. Outside of work, he loves to play soccer and guitar, and he once founded a cereal club.

Jackie Jiang

Design & Product


Jackie is a designer and PM of all sorts who believes that the best product is always the next iteration. She is both a dog mom and a cat mom.

Will Murphy

Growth & BD


Will leads the growth efforts at Mural and works with customers to provide the best possible experience on Mural. Previously, he successfully led the launch and expansion of an international chat-based recruitment app to the US market.

Our Advisors

Dr. Robert Fink

Prev. Chief Architect Palantir


Founding engineer and architect of Palantir's data integration and analysis platform, Foundry. Currently, Robert is the CTO of Helsing, a global leader in the security and artificial intelligence space.

Jeff Seibert

Co-Founder Digits


Jeff is the CEO and Co-Founder of Digits, a pioneer in the AI empowered accounting field.

Michelle Ann Gitlitz

Partner Arktouros


Michelle has over a decade of experience specializing in financial crimes compliance and defense with a focus on cryptocurrency, payments systems and decentralized finance. She is the author of Reimagining Payments: The Business Case for Digital Currencies.

John Forlines III

Ex-J.P. Morgan, Chairman JAForlines Family Office


John is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at JAForlines Family Office, specializing in venture investments and private equity. Previously, John was the Co-Head of Technology, Media and Telecom banking at JP Morgan.

Our Investors

Our Angel Investors

  • Nikil

    Nikil Viswanathan

    Co-Founder Alchemy

  • Ronny

    Ronny Shibley

    Co-Founder Gorillas

  • Itamar

    Itamar Lesuisse

    Founder Argent

  • Tom

    Tom France

    Co-Founder Ledger

  • Jake

    Jake Lang

    Co-Founder Spearbit

  • Tyler

    Tyler Scriven

    Prev Chief of Staff Palantir

  • Nico

    Nicolas Pinto

    Deep Learning Apple

  • Rosemary

    Sue Harnett

    Founder Rewriting the Code

  • Joey

    Joey Santoro

    Founder Fei Protocol

  • Jed Simmons

    Jed Simmons

    Entrepreneur in Residence Duke & UNC

  • Luba

    Luba Lesiva

    Founder Palumni

  • Alex

    Alex Beregszaszi

    Co-Lead Solidity

  • Wayne Chang

    Wayne Chang

    Co-Founder Digits

  • Joseph

    Joseph Lau

    Co-Founder Alchemy

  • Laurie Segall

    Laurie Segall

    Prev. Senior
    Correspondent CNN

  • Louis Giraux

    Louis Giraux

    Prev. SuperRare, Aragon

  • Laura Jaramillo

    Laura Jaramillo

    CEO Sona.stream

  • Rosemary

    Rosemary Leith

    Founder WWW Foundation