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Time for a New Global Financial Network

August 30, 2023

Time for a new global financial network

The global economy is evolving rapidly and we need a new financial network.

Although technology has scaled our global interactions, we have yet to see an overhaul in how our money moves around the world. Conventional international payment systems suffer from high-fees, slow processing times, and complex intermediary networks - which lead to delays and complications in managing payouts and invoicing for employees, contractors, and vendors worldwide.

We need a significant evolution in the global payments infrastructure as businesses and their workforces become increasingly international and distributed. This evolution covers cross-border payments, transaction management, tax compliance and more - without high fees and slow timelines that is today’s status quo.

Enter Mural. Leveraging the speed of blockchain and crypto, we have built the fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective platform for managing global payouts - accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Our mission

Mural was created to enable global financial access by simplifying the crypto experience.  We have stripped away the complexity to make leveraging the efficiencies of blockchains easy: log in with your email, invite an employee or contractor to your organization, and click “Pay”. Money arrives instantly, with complete transparency and no transaction fees. And with Mural, no prior crypto experience is necessary.

When we started Mural over a year ago, we initially focused on helping decentralized autonomous organizations manage their digital assets. Our hundreds of discovery hours with financial teams led us to realize that the benefits of this technology reach far beyond the crypto early adopters. We are building Mural to not only be the primary payments partner for cutting edge crypto companies, but to become the go-to solution for all financial teams managing global payouts and invoices - across both crypto-native and crypto-curious businesses alike.

Today, we are working with a wide range of organizations, from crypto-native companies who need an enterprise-grade solution for payout and invoice management, to companies who, before Mural, only used fiat currencies and traditional banking networks for international transactions (and felt the inconveniences therein). In either case, Mural enables streamlined global financial operations, saving you time and money. Some of the key features to help you level-up your financial management include:

  • Real-time international transactions with no transaction fees
  • Batch, multi-currency, and recurring payouts
  • Multi-factor security for asset protection
  • Automated transaction syncing across accounts
  • Transaction tagging and document capture
  • Customizable payout approval flows
  • Integrations with your existing tax and accounting software
  • Fiat to crypto on / off ramps
  • API integration with existing payroll & HR software solutions

If you are ready to level-up your organization’s global financial operations, let’s chat. The future of financial access starts now.

Why use blockchains?

Blockchain-based financial networks enable fast, secure, transparent, and cost effective global payments. This opens the door for global businesses to streamline their financial operations, reduce overhead costs, and leverage a more flexible and distributed global workforce.

Additionally, as stablecoins — digital assets linked to traditional currencies — gain broader acceptance, the price volatility risks associated with the use of cryptocurrency are increasingly mitigated. Each day, the adoption of digital assets as both a value transfer medium and a store of value is on the rise, with a growing number of people and organizations open to receiving payments in stable cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, major established companies and organizations are investing in R&D in this area of technology, including Visa, PayPal / Venmo, and the US Federal Reserve.

Blockchain technology continues to advance rapidly, and Mural will continue building on the latest innovations to provide a seamless global payouts experience. If you are interested in chatting about Mural, or want to learn more about how blockchains can level-up your financial operations, get in touch.

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